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Candida, A Gut Feeling That Something Is Wrong

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Candida albicans is a yeast that naturally grows in the intestinal tract. Through Candida usually should not be a problem, if the normal flora in the intestinal tract gets out of balance from the use of antibiotics or other medications or stresses, Candida has the opportunity to grow and get out of hand.

The resulting imbalance can cause different symptoms in different people. Some of these symptoms can relate to behaviour and the ability to learn. So many children today have been prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics for colds and ear infections.

These antibiotics can throw off the natural balance in the intestinal tract. The antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the intestinal tract while killing the bad bacteria that is causing the illness. When my own children were young, their pediatrician routinely replaced, with a supplement, the good bacteria anytime he prescribed antibiotics.

This practice appears to have been lost by most physicians today. An overgrowth Candida can cause many health problems. In addition tot he ones that traditional physicians see such as thrush and vaginal yeast infections, it can cause systemic problems throughout the body, which are often seen in immune compromised individuals.

Candida thrives and multiplies when we eat carbohydrates, especially the refined kind, like sugar. The child who has had antibiotic treatment and who eats the usual sugar laden diet is the perfect host for an overgrowth of Candida.

Candida is just one problem that can exist when the intestinal balance is altered. Other problems include bacteria overgrowth, parasites, malabsorption, and increased problems with food sensitives. I have also found a correlation with the presence of parasites in the intestinal tracts of those children who have the most sever behavioral problems. Treating the yeast and/or the parasites can improve the ADHD symptoms.

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