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Caffeine Usage

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Caffeine Usage

Caffeine is often used as stimulant. It stimulates your central nervous system and helps you stay awake and alert. In combination with aspirin, it is a nonprescription drug for headaches and pain (Anacin, Excedrin, Midol Max Strength, Vanquish). Caffeine is also found in a number of prescription pain drugs.

Remember that coffee, tea, chocolate, and cola drinks naturally contain caffeine; it is also added to many soft drinks and “energy boosting” products. Limit your intake of these if you take caffeine supplements.

Some studies have suggested that postmenopausal women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day and also have a low calcium intake are at greater risk for osteoporosis. Until more is known, postmenopausal women should try to limit caffeine intake and take calcium supplements (1,500 mg daily).

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