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Bursitis Remedies

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Your body is literally bursting with bursas small, but strategically located sacs of sticky fluid. Like the tin mains’sĀ  can, your bursas silently help lubricate those places where friction can develop between your bones, muscles and tendons shoulders, elbows and knees, for example.

Bursas are silent, that is, until problem areas get overworked during activities that call for repetitive movements like painting ceilings, gardening, playing tennis or tossing a baseball. Then they scream in pain.

Using Cold and Hot
Most of the people use heat and ice to reduce the pain. Either heat or ice is a nice way to beat the pain, but ice may be the best. The main thing to remember is that if the injury is more than one day old, you can use heat, like a shower. But don’t use either heat or ice for more than 20 minutes at a time. Only ice should be used within the first 24 hours after an injury.

Exercise More
Exercise is another bursitis beater favored by some people. The most important initial treatment for bursitis is to reestablish full range of motion. One helpful technique to improve range of motion with severe bursitis involves leaning your chest on a stool with your arms dangling free. Swing your arms in a large circles in both directions. Do this exercise several times a day. You can also do this one by lettingĀ  one arm at a time dangle over the edge of the bed.

Massage Yourself
Using your index fingers to press where it hurts for as long as you can. In an hour you might have the try it again, but it is better than taking some kind of pill for it.Activating the acupressure points that control bursitis pain in your shoulder may be even more effective.

These pressure points, are located on your shoulder muscle, a half inch above the upper tip of your shoulder blade. Feel for a tense muscle that will be sore upon pressure. Hold at a depth that hurts for at least three minutes. Although only one side may ache, have a friend find the points on both sides. You will feel some relief with this technique.

Sleep Good
Ordinarily, just sleeping on your arm shouldn’t cause bursitis, but if you persistently sleep on your arm with it over your head, you might have problems.

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