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Breast Problems Cures and Remedies

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Swollen, lumpy, painful breasts. Breasts that pull at your back and neck. That make it difficult for you to sleep at night. That ache at the slightest bounce or bump. That’s what some women suffer from, especially prior to their periods, when hormones stimulate fluid retention. Here are some recommended remedies and cures for breast problems disease:

Cut Caffeine
Cutting out beverages, foods and drugs that contain caffeine helps ease the breast pain. Not all researches agree that caffeine can cause breast swelling. But some research suggests that eliminating methylxanthines caffeine and other compounds found mostly in coffee, tea and chocolate can reduce breast swelling for some women. The studies indicate that total abstention might be necessary to obtain noticeable benefits.

Try eliminating caffeine for two or three months as a trial run suggests a doctor. If there is no improvement, obviously it is not going to help so you mas as well go back to your coffee.

Vitamin E
Studies haven’t proven that vitamin E makes cysts go away but in one study, nearly half the women who tool 600IU of vitamin E daily for eight weeks said they felt less pain. Most of the women in the same survey who took vitamin E also did other things for their breast pain, and doctors say that multifaceted approach may be the best. Many of women who cut back on caffeine also take vitamin E. And perhaps not so incidentally, they also frequently take other vitamins and minerals, including calcium,magnesium, vitamin B6 and others.

Low Salt Solution
Highly slated foods make you retain water, not just in your breast but all over. They make it harder for your body to counteract the hormone induced fluid retention that occurs during the two weeks leading up to your period. Try to keep your sodium intake to under 1,500 milligrams a day. For most people, that means cutting way back on the use of table salt. Also, read the labels of processed foods and avoid the ones that have more than 300 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Slimmin Down Reduces The Pain
Some women mention that their breast pain seems to ease up if they are able to lose some weight. Experts say it’s not just the extra weight on the breast themselves that can be contributing to pain. In women , fat acts like an extra gland, producing and storing estrogen, a female hormone that stimulates breast tissue. If you have got too much body fat, you may have more estrogen circulating in your system than is good for you.

Low Fat, High Fiber
Several studies suggest that cutting back on at and increasing your intake of fiber, especially wheat bran, can reduce your blood levels of breast stimulating estrogen. That’s why these dietary changes are also recommended as a possible breast cancer preventive.

The Right Bra
Use a bra that holds you firmly and comfortably, without biting and binding.

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