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Breast Feeding Diet

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The commonest breast feeding problem is insufficient milk and the commonest cause is not feeding often enough or for long enough .

If you are not eating well you still produce milk, and the milk has first call on the nutrients in your diet.

Continued malnourishment means you will develop nutrient deficiencies; eventually the milk supply will fall and may lack some of the vital nutrients.

Several dietary measures may help. You may be able to help a blocked duct and colic by adjusting your diet.

To make more milk, eat a basic healthy breast feeding diet and avoid “empty calories”. Eat something before or after each feed, and spread your calorie intake throughout the day.

A moderate amount of traditionally brewed beer improves the milk supply by increasing prolactin levels, though this does not apply to other forms of alcohol (and excess alcohol can interfere with the
let-down reflex).

Useful herbal teas include those made from borage, dill, raspberry leaf, and fenugreek or caraway seed. Nettlej nice, fennel, and celery may help, as may crushed fenu greek seeds. For a blocked duct eat less saturated fat, and more vegetable lecithin and essential fatty acids.

For colic, eat well and spread your calorie intake  it may help not to eat large amounts of any one food at once. Cut caffeine-containing drinks down or out. Some babies react to traces of foods in the milk  common “culprits” are onions, alcohol, cabbage, and fruit,  beer; borage, dill, or raspberry leaf teas; fenugreek, and caraway seeds; nettle juice; fennel, celery. For
blocked duct lecithin and essential fatty acids.

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