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Best Remedies To Cure Common Cold

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To cure cold viruses, you  use onions, garlic and lots of black pepper in your soup and a shot of lemon juice to hot tea. Take vitamin C and zinc, along with herbs that have an immunity enhancing reputation, such as echinacea and golden seal. Use salt water to gargle and to rinse out your noses. Smear your chest with mustard, guzzle orange juice, and inhale horseradish vapors.

Does any of this stuff really works?

Vitamin C
Among all these cures , vitamin C stands out as the most recommended defense against common cold. Nearly 80% of patients report that this essential nutrient relieves their symptoms, and several add that regular use has cut the number of common colds they have.

Quite a few studies have now been done on vitamin C’s effect on combating common colds. An analysis of a dozen of this studies showed a 37 percent average reduction in the duration of colds treated with vitamin C can reduce the severity and length of colds but not the number of colds a person gets. One thing most vitamin C enthusiasts agree on; Start taking the vitamin in larger amounts as soon as you begin to have cold symptoms.

Chicken soup
The benefits of this long time folk remedy have been elucidated, thanks to the efforts of a few curious scientists. Researchers found that hot chicken soup got nasal mucus flowing significantly better than a cup of cold water.

Because drinking either water or soup through a straw was not as effective as sipping it from a cup, the researchers believe the effect may be due , at least in part, to nasal inhalation of water vapor.It is better adding onions, sweet potatoes, carrots into the soup. People who make their own chicken soup confirm that it is the extra added ingredients that put real cold fighting power into this tasty broth.

Garlic, onions and hot spices are all hot weapons in the cold war :) and the science back them up.
Garlic, for instance, has been found to contain compounds with chemical actions similar to antibiotics. While it is considered to work best against fungal infections, garlic has antibacterial and antiviral effects as well. To neutralize the garlic smell, chew a few springs of parsley after.

Onions contain many of the same compounds found in garlic and may also stimulate the immune system.

Hot pepper
Drink a tea using red pepper is a good way to beat the cold. A substance in red pepper powder, capsaicin, cause you to perspire and make your nose and eyes run, enabling you to cough up mucus or clear your nose when you blow.

Mushrooms contain an array of novel compounds not found elsewhere in nature. Of the food mushrooms with medicinal value, the shiitake is the best known. This large, meaty mushroom is most likely to be available dry. Soaked, then cooked, it makes a tasty addition to stir fries or stews and holds its own in a soup.

Hot tea
Some researches indicates that hot fluids help to loosen congestion, promote mucus flow and so unclog stuffy noses. Result: You feel better. But several people suggest herb or spice teas that apparently have additional benefits.

A pungent spice, ginger is a favorite when it comes to head clearing brews. Cut thin slices of ginger root into hot water and steep for ten minutes. You can also use ginger powder to make tea.

A study has found that zinc gluconate does a respectable job at fast forwarding a cold. The study found that students who took zinc after one day of symptoms had colds that lasted less than five days, compared with the usual nine. They also had less severe symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and sore throat. So use zinc gluconate tablets, or look for a few, tastier zinc product made with glycine, an amino acid that adds a sweet taste without interfering with zinc’s healing power.

Pretty purple coneflower the herb known as echinacea helps beating the cold. Among herbalists, this plant has an impressive reputation as a natural antibiotic. It is often their first choice to treat colds and flu. Studies shown that a compound found in echinacea helps kill a broad range of disease causing viruses and bacteria.

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