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Beriberi And Thiamine

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Beriberi is one of the most destructive vitamin deficiency diseases, especially in cases of prolonged lack of thiamine in the diet. Initial symptoms include fatigue, depression, emotional instability, and loss of appetite.

A person also may display irritability, a loss of inter es in normal,  daily task, and, in the case of children, a retardation of normal  growth. As thiamine deficiency continues, the physical effects become more sever.

For one thing, the sheaths of tissue surrounding the nerves begin to degenerate, causing pain and eventually paralysis of the muscles. Prolonged lack of thiamine also weakens the heart, a condition sometimes referred to as wet beriberi. Other symptoms of full blown beriberi are severe constipation, indigestion, and anorexia, a condition in which a person becomes thin and undernourished as a result of reduced food intake.

Although the most severe cases of thiamine deficiency generally occur in improved countries where famine is common, doctors in the United States and other developed countries regularly see some milder, but still serious, cases.

Usually, these patients are alcoholic who suffer from the deficiency because they tend to substitute alcohol for nutritious foods in their diets, The best treatment is to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed and increase intake of thiamine rich foods such as poultry, pork, eggs, fish, beans, peas, and peanuts.

The RDA of thiamine in the USA and Canada is about 1 milligram per day, approximately the amount present in two cups of black eyed peas or eight ounces of baked ham. This dosage of the vitamin easily eliminates the risk of deficiency and Beriberi.

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