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Behavioral Treatment For Depression

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 15:19
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The behavioral treatment for depression aims at reversing vicious cycles caused by loss of pleasure and inactivity. Because of your depression, you have less ability to experience pleasure and are doing fewer things.

This in turn fosters your sense of isolation, hopelessness, and depression, which further intensifies your unwillingness to venture out of your cocoon. Behavior therapy breaks the cycle of despair by prescribing that you are engage in pleasurable activities despite your conviction that “won’t do any good.”

Once you get started, you will often be surprised to learn that ir is still possible to feel some pleasure, even if temporarily and in a limited way. It is wise not to expect too much in the beginning, but a virtuous cycle can begin with very small steps eat some ice cream, watch a favorite television show, take a bath or sin in the sun whatever it is you like doing, spend more time doing it.

Gradually, you come to realize that doing pleasurable things is still rewarding. This leads to more activity, a greater sense of control, hopefulness for recovery, and ultimately and improvement in mood.

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