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Bed Wetting Natural Cures

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Sometimes it is tough to tell who is hurt more by bed wetting: the little boy or the concerned parents who cant believe their son has not yet mastered his bladder. Most known key is simply helping the kid learn how to control the bladder. Here are some simple natural cures for bad wetting:

One last trip to bathroom
last trip to the bathroom a few hours after he goes to bed. Waking a child up before he wets the deb works, but you can speed his progress by helping strengthen his bladder muscles.30 percent of the kids get dry just from doing stream interruption and bladder stretching exercises. That means having them stop and start in midstream at least ten times, every time they go to the bathroom. Kids can also hold back urination as long as they can during the day to help stretch their bladder.

Liquid curfew
Controlling liquids that fizzes. whether it has caffeine or not it helps. When the kid drink soda, within a few minutes they have to go to the bathroom. Some children also stop wetting after their evening glass of milk has been removed from the menu.

Special buzzer
Buy a device that sets off an alarm when the sheets get wet, prompting the child to get up and go to the bathroom. The bell and pad works wonderfully in three quarters of kids, but the rest of the kids don’ t hear it. The problem is that they are wetting early in the night when their sleep is the deepest.

So if  the parents will wake up the kid up an hour or two after bedtime, with the intention of delaying wetting until latter in the night when their sleep is lighter, the child will have a better chance of responding to the alarm because the wet spots get smaller. At that point, the parents can stop waking the child up. The it is just a matter of time before the child stops wetting the bed.

Stop the stress
Stress can indeed cause bed wetting. Stress does not play a role in all cases, but if stress is the cause, the bed wetting will stop when the stress is removed.

Toys rewarding
Just before a child go to bed take it to the bathroom and run the water to the sink to encourage to go. Tell them that only big kids who didn’t wet the bed were allowed to have this particular toy. Thats what keeps them motivated.

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