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Beat Painful Skin Eruptions – BOILS

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Eggs, oatmeal,potatoes, bread, bacon, milk ,tea could be a great breakfast buffet. But did you know you have also selected some of America’s favorite treatments for boils? When bacteria invade a microscopic break in your skin and infect a blocked oil gland or hair follicle, your white blood cells fight back.

This intro skin skirmish produces pus and pain as the boil swells to biblical proportions. The best way to beat the annoying and often painful skin eruptions are:

Wet and Warm
Repeated hot compresses at morning at night works just fine for most of people. The best possible thing is a hot , moist compress made with a clean washcloth and water, as hot as you can stand, applied several times a day for 10 or 15 minutes.

If the boil is is an inaccessible area, you could soak in a tub of hot water, again being very careful not to scald the skin, and if the boil appears to be developing a white head, it should be opened up, preferably by a medical professional, because it should be done under sterile conditions if at all possible.

Egged Boils
Several people say they get cracking when they get a boil not because they are in a big hurry but because they need the lining of a boiled egg to treat their boils. Laying a piece of egg right over the boil and put a Band Aid over it ,it squeezes,bringing out the boil to the surface sometimes it will even pop.

Keep in mind that Salmonella bacteria are common in raw eggs and can cause digestive illness if applied to an open wound. The egg should be boiled for a full 15 minutes to sterilize it before applying any part of it to an open wound.

Tea Bag
A properly placed tea bag might just do the trick. Tea has no medicinal effect in this case, but a warm, moist tea bag is just the right size for a warm compress, and that’s what you need. In addition, tea contains tannins, astringents that are effective against some forms of bacteria.

The use of this popular grain for boils may stem from its success as a facial mask. In addition to the heat, the oatmeal may be doing some constricting help. When you squeeze a boil, you are distributing the pressure unequally, often forcing as much pus in as out. The whole concept here, is that there is a constriction over a broad area, so nothing is forced back in. The warmth of a oatmeal may also help bring the boil to a head.

Bottle Trick
Fill the bottle halfway with warm water. Then tilt the bottle so the mouth of the bottle is placed firmly over the boil. The cooling bottle creates a suction, and you can feel the pus being pulled out. If you decide to try the heated bottle method, make sure you don’t get the bottle to hot.

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