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Arm yourself with fruit and vegetables

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Arm yourself with fruit and vegetables

A rusting iron pipe and a cut apple that turns brown might not have much in common. In fact, both are example of what oxygn does in the wrong place at the wrong time-and something similar can cause damage in our bodies.
The good news is that recent research suggests that three vitamins, A (beta carotene), C and E, may come to the rescue. They are called antioxidants. Fruit and vegetables are loaded with A (in th form of beta-carotene) and C and are good natural cures.

You willl find beta carotene in:
Dark green lafy vegetables such as collard greens, spinach, mustard greens, kale,broccoli and Swiss chard.
Yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, squash, pumpkins and sweet patatoes.
Yellow and orange fruits such as melons, apricots, mangoes, papaya and peaches.

You’ll find vitamin C in:
Vegetables : pepers, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels, sprouts, sweet patatoes and snow peas.
Fruits: citrus fruits, strawberries, ppaya, melon, and kiwis
Juic from these fruits or juice enriched with vitamin C.

How good is a frozen fruit?
Picked and chilled at its prime, frozen fruit has the same nutrients as fresh. The trip from orchard to freezer often takes only a few hours. Frozen fruits are processed without cooking and so there is little if any nutrient loss.Give those frosen raspberries a shake before they go in your cart.A rattling sound means they haven’t thawed, than frozen. And remember to check the label-sometimes sugar is added, which boosts the calories.

What about canned fruit and vegetables?
An easy, penny -wise way to add colour to your plate, canned fruits and vegies are super convinient and they offer variety year around. Canned products retain much of their vitamins and minerals, throught water soluble vitamins run the risk of being destroyed by the hight temperatures called for in the canning process.

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