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Animal Instinct

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We have all heard the phrases “survival instinct” and “homing instinct”. So what are instincts? They are the basic impulses of life.

When we get hungry, we seek out food, when we get thirsty, we look for something to drink, when we need a space to live, we go hunting for one, when we feel for a mate, we start putting out signals that we are available.

I like to think of instincts as the wise motions of life.

Instincts are the animal part of use, so be a healthy animal. Above all, do not hurt the instinctive energies inside you. For example, all mammals play, particularly when they are young. Little girls may play lawyer, doctor, mother, cook, or fire person.

Kittens play at attacking things they practice the moves they will use latter to catch mice. No one has to tell a kitten or a 4 year old girl to play. No one should tell them not to. Instincts urge what’s best for you.

If animals or humans hide from a predator, they instinctively quiet their breathing, The sound of breathing are a dead giveaway, and all earth bound mammals (as opposed to those who live in the sea) seem to know this. Once they stop running and find a place to hide, the body quiets their breath.

So if your breathing feels restricted in any way, it may be because either you are afraid of something and are hiding, or you have been afraid of something for quite a while and breathing this way has become a habit.

When you are at rest or engaged in conscious breath taking, the brain instinctively sorts through priorities, unfinished tasks, and things you could have done better while checking in on survival strategies and attempting to choreograph the future. One moment you may feel as through you are gathering power, charging up, the next, resting, dozing off, getting exited, revving your motors, then, feeding quietly on breath.

This variety is what makes life interesting. Unless we specifically give ourselves freedom to range, there is a strong tendency to make up rules that shackle our instincts. In reality we are nurtured by all the forces of the universe, our eyes are nourished by light, our ears and bodies are informed by sound, our bones are fed by gravity. We can play, explore, feed, and rest in each sensory domain.

One more important thing is stay curious. All creatures map their environments. Ants wander around looking for food, then race back to the nest and tell the others about it. Keep exploring.

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