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Alternative Therapies For Breast Cancer

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Many factors contribute to the development of cancer.

Natural medicine uses methods that stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, and corrects imbalances and lifestyle factors that led to the disease.

Alternative medicine can be used alone, as part of a treatment plan that includes conventional therapy, or to prevent recurrence.

Diet Pointers: Eliminate chemical and pesticide exposure (concentrated in the fat of meat and dairy). Aim at low animal fat, high fibre diet. Eat organic when possible. Increase fruits and vegetables. Soy foods have protective effect. Cheat ten percent.

Minimal Daily Supplements

500 to 1,000mg of Ester-C.
4001U. of Vitamin E.
30,000IU’s of betacarotene.
400mg selenium.
A high quality multi-vitamin and mineral, in capsule form daily.
Spirulina or other supergreen drink, high in trace minerals, antioxidants and easy to digest protein.

Other: Adrenal glandulars, pantothenic acid, thymus glandulars, herbs to
strengthen the liver, and herbs to promote lymphatic drainage.

Specific Remedies

There is no one right remedy. The treatment programme must be individualized, under the supervision of a practitioner.
714-X: An immune booster, developed by a Canadian scientist, can be ordered by your doctor or practitioner.
Essiac: Native herbal remedy developed by a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, quality
varies greatly, so buyer beware.

Iscadora: Fermented preparation of European mistletoe, approved for medical
usee in Germany and Switzerland. Enhances immune function.

Ozone: A highly active form of oxygen that is usually injected directly into the
veins by a medical practitioner. It has been used extensively in Europe for over 50 years.

Maitake Mushroom (Dancing Mushroom): Has been studied extensively in Japan. It has been very effective in stopping the growth of animal tumours. Maitake mushroom is a powerful immune stimulant.

Imagery: Imagery is a powerful tool. It is best to create your own images to see your cells fighting the cancer, to see yourself healed and to marshal inner resources
Self-Nurturing: Sometimes breast cancer patients are too nice. Learn to say no other’s demands and do relaxing and soothing things for yourself.

Emotional Support: A fighting attitude is the best for survival. The worst is a helpless or hopeless attitude. But don’t despair, if you fall into this later category, you can change your attitude with some work. Just expressing your feelings in a supportive atmosphere can increase survival.

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