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Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

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Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin tests: The allergist injects extracts from allergens (such as dust mites, molds, or pollens commonly found in your area) into your skin to see whether your body has chemical substances to counteract the allergens from previous exposure. If you are sensitive to an allergen, a swollen rash will develop within 20 minutes after the test.

Blood tests: To determine how many white and red blood cells are there. Too many white cells might mean you have an infection in your system.

Treatment: In General, it’s best to start with small steps first — avoiding allergens by getting rid of old rugs, for instance, and bathing the dog more often — and then working your way up to the stronger antidotes like Anti histamics or Decongestants, that stop the allergic reaction.

Desensitization to the allergens that bother you by taking a series of injections over a number of years. However, they are often reserved for people who have severe allergic symptoms (such as life-threatening allergies to stinging insects) that cannot be relieved by taking oral medications or avoiding allergens.

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