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Albuterol and Asthma Attacks

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Cure asthma attacks with Albuteral. Albuterol is used to treat and prevent asthma attacks. It is usually inhaled, but it can also be used in tablet form. Digitalis  this dangerous herb is very similar to the heart drug digoxin, which was originally derived from the plant.

One study showed that albuterol reduces digoxin levels. Until more is known, dont take digitalis and albuterol concurrently.

Bear in mind

Several reports sugget that albuterol can lower your levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium. The reports all involve albuterol that was given intravenously, by injection or orally: none involved inhaled albuterol.

However, whatever form you are taking, be sure you are getting enough of these minerals be eating foods rich in calcium ( such as dairy products and fortified soy products), magnesium ( such as nuts, beans and dark-green leafy vegetables), and potasium ( such as bananas, citrus fruits, beans,potatoes and tomatoes).

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