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Aids Symptoms and Treatment

Posted by on Saturday, June 27, 2009, 16:55
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Once in the bloodstream, the HTLV-III virus attacks and kills a special kind of white blood call called a T-cell. The T cells are essential to the effective functioning of the body’s immune system.

Once T cells are damaged and depleted, the body is vulnerable to any number of infections and diseases.

Some of these, which would be minor or easily cured in a healthy person, such as a yeast infection, are very serious and long lasting and can even be fatal to a person with AIDS.

Some people ca carry the AIDS virus and have no symptoms at all. A recently developed blood test can detect exposure to the AIDS virus by nothing antibodies to the virus in the blood. It is still too early to tell how many people have antibodies to the virus go on to develop AIDS.

It is possible, even if you don’t have any sign of the disease, to transmit the virus to others. So anyone who test positive is advised to either abstain from sex altogether or, at the least, use strict safe-sex measures. Today are sophisticated laboratory test to detect the AIDS virus very early. Also, there is current research into AIDS prevention specially, treating people who have been exposed to the HIV virus.

Doctors treat and cure symptoms and infections associated with AIDS and are sometimes successful in temporarily alleviating these. A new group of drugs called protease inhibitors was developed. These drugs work in a different way on HIV and have actually caused many AIDS patients to improve their health very significantly with weight gain and fewer infections.

Some have even been able to return to work. Also, some people infected with HIV are longtime survivors, infected with the virus for even fifteen years, and still have not developed aids. Ongoing studies are looking at what keeps full blown AIDS from developing in these survivors.

Researchers are working intensely on testing trial AIDS prevention vaccines. Unfortunately, at the time is no vaccine and still no cure for AIDS. Despite so many new drugs, AIDS often leads to an early death.

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