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Secret Aging Cures

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How Vitamin C can fight and cure aging disease!?

Immunizes Against Cancer: Overwhelmingly, some 120 studies identify vitamin C as a form of vaccination against cancer. Consistently, people who take in the most vitamin C are only half as likely as the skimpiest vitamin C eaters to develop cancer, in particular cancers of the stomach, esophagus, pancreas and oral cavity, and possibly cervix, rectum and breast, according to analyses by Gladys Block,
Ph.D., cancer epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables contain 200 to 300 milligrams of vitamin C enough to help retard cancer. But for extra cancer insurance, you need a supplement. Dr. Block takes 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day.

Saves Arteries: Vitamin C offers wholesale protection of arteries. Surprisingly, modest amounts of vitamin C can drive up good type HDL cholesterol that discourages artery clogging, reduce bad type LDL cholesterol that destroys arteries, lower high blood pressure, strengthen blood vessel walls, make blood less sticky and thwart cholesterol inspired changes leading to clogged arteries.

People who get less vitamin C than in a daily orange aver aged 11 mm/Hg higher systolic (upper number) and 6 mm/Hg higher diastolic pressure in studies by Paul Jacques at Tufts. Good HDLs were also the highest in women getting three oranges’ worth of vitamin C daily and in men getting the C in five oranges, USDA tests showed.

Raises Immunity: A prime way your body revs up to fight foreign invaders, such as infectious bacteria and viruses, is to rally armies of white blood cells called lymphocytes. Taking 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily increased production of lymphocytes, and I 0,000 milligrams increased production even more, according to National Cancer Institute researchers.

Reverses Biological Clock: British researchers have shown that vitamin C can actually reverse aging by biochemically rejuvenating white blood cells in the elderly. In one study of older people, average age seventy six, only 120 milligrams of vitamin C a day jacked up their white blood cell levels to equal those in the young, average age thirtyfive, in just two weeks.

Improves Sperm and Restores Male Fertility: Men withlow levels of vitamin C are more likely to have defective sperm that could cause birth defects in offspring. In a landmark test at the University of California at Berkeley, free radical damage to the genetic material DNA doubled in the sperm cells of men restricted to 5 milligrams of vitamin C daily (the amount in a teaspoon of lemon juice).

When the men returned to a daily diet with either 60 milligrams or 250 milligrams of vitamin C, the DNA damage to sperm declined within a month. That means eating a single orange a day could heal sperm and prevent male induced birth defects in nonsmoking men.

Prevents Lung Disease: Your lungs function better when you get lots of vitamin C. people who ate foods with 300 milligrams of vitamin C a day were only 70 percent as likely to have chronic bronchitis or asthma as those eating about 100 milligrams, according to a study of nine thousand adults by Dr. Joel Schwartz of the u.s.

Combats Gum Disease: Lots of evidence suggests vitamin C fends off destructive free radical attacks on gum tissue. A  study in Finland found periodontal disease bleeding gums, deep pockets and receding gums three and a half times more common in people with low blood levels of vitamin C.

Prevents Cataracts: Cataract victims are only 30 percent as likely to have taken vitamin C supplements as those who remain cataract free, Canadian tests show.

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